What Are The Health Benefits Of Centaury Herb?

Centaury, also known as centaurri herba, Chirst’s ladder, bitter herb or feverwort, is a small plant with fibrous and woody root, and with oval leaves. Its flowers are either pink or red, and its fruit is a capsule. Thanks to the multiple health benefits of Centaury Herb, all its parts are used in medicine, from roots to the tip of the leaves, the flowers and the fruit. There are about 40 known species, all of them having lots of healing properties, as you are going to see from this article, below.

This plant has been known since ancient times, when it was used to kill worms or to treat snakebite and other such wounds. Warriors used this plant to heal woulds inflicted by poisoned arrows, which were extremely common in those times. Some people applied it topically, the purpose being to get rid of freckles and skin spots. Whatever the purpose, it seems this herb was good for the skin. When more scientific studies are going to be conducted, it is possible that Centaury becomes an important ingredient in the cosmetic industry. White skin is trendy again, so many women would love a treatment to make their spots disappear. Besides, freckles have never been fashionable, so there’s no wonder everybody wants to see them gone.

The other health benefits of Centaury Herb cover the digestive system. The plant is widely used for treating a wide array of gastrointestinal problems such as flatulence, bloating and dyspepsia. Thanks to its bitter taste and tonic properties, the plant has the power of stimulating the appetite, thus being an effective remedy against anorexia. It also enhances gastric secretions, so you might want to eat something, even if you believe you aren’t hungry. As it also has a certain sedative effect, you might also want to take a good nap after a lavish meal.

Although this plant is generally safe, you have to be aware that none of its health benefits are endorsed by medical studies. However, you can try it for yourself and see how well it works. If it doesn’t, you have nothing to lose, as it’s not going to worsen your medical condition anyway. Nonetheless, pregnant women may want to refrain from using it, as its effects on the baby aren’t known. As a matter of fact, women shouldn’t take anything during their pregnancy, unless recommended by their personal doctor.

Some people believe centaury can be a very effective fever treatment, hence its name of “feverwort”. If you intend to try it with this purpose in mind, make sure to monitor your fever and go see a doctor if it doesn’t decrease within a few hours. Natural treatments may be good, but sometimes prescription medicines can be the only way of getting out of trouble.

This herb can be found equally on boggy meadows and on dry dunes. However, if you don’t feel like harvesting it by yourself, you should try to find it in online stores.

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