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What Are The Health Benefits Of Centaury Herb?

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Centaury, also known as centaurri herba, Chirst’s ladder, bitter herb or feverwort, is a small plant with fibrous and woody root, and with oval leaves. Its flowers are either pink or red, and its fruit is a capsule. Thanks to the multiple health benefits of Centaury Herb, all its parts are used in medicine, from roots to the tip of the leaves, the flowers and the fruit. There are about 40 known species, all of them having lots of healing properties, as you are going to see from this article, below. Continue reading

The Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

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Most of us have used cayenne pepper at least once or twice in our lifetime to spice up our meals . However, we are unaware of the many health benefits this fruit can have on our bodies. This herbal remedy has been used as a form of food and medicine for thousands of years. It is a spicy and powerful little pepper that offers lots of health benefits. Continue reading