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The Benefits of Cascara Sagrada Bark

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If you have suffered from constipation before then you are not alone. It is a common condition among many people around the world. If this condition is not treated it may result in a number of health issues. For some people it is enough to add some fiber into their diet. For some however, it is not and thus the need to find an alternative remedy. Continue reading

Important Health Benefits Of Cape Aloe

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Cape Aloe or Aloe ferox also goes by the names of Aloe Gel, Aloe Vera, Aloe barbadenis, Aloe natalenis, Aloe latex and many others. The Aloe ferox plant grows to a height of about three meters and can be found in the scrublands based in South Africa as well as in the semi-desert areas of the Karoo. The plant bears succulent and thick leaves along with orange or red hugged blooms that stand up to 1.2 meters above the leaves. This plant holds water in the leaves and is able to grow even when there is a low availability of water. Continue reading