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Health Benefits Of Black Walnut Hulls

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The black walnut tree is a common sight throughout eastern North America. These huge, sturdy trees have long been respected and cultivated for their many useful resources. Their wood is strong and resilient, suitable for all types of carpentry and woodworking. The walnuts themselves are an excellent food with many health benefits. In terms of herbal value, though, the health benefits of black walnut hulls are particularly notable. Continue reading

An Overview Of The Health Benefits Of Bentonite Clay

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Although a lot of natural remedies come from plants, this is by no means a requirement for effective medicinal health. Natural minerals can be just as beneficial as living things, and bentonite clay is a perfect example of this. This astoundingly useful compound has a host of different medicinal uses, and many people have found it highly effective. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of bentonite clay. Continue reading